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   Bull-Its and Tripe
                4 Sizes Bull-Its - 75g Bag Tripe

Bull-Its are a dehydrated Bull Penis. There are no chemicals, preservatives etc in the cleaning or production of our Bull-Its.

They are known under a variety of names in the pet world such as Pizzles, Pizzle Sticks, Pizzers, Bully Sticks and Beef Tendons to name the most common ones but they are NEVER  referred to as Rawhides or Rawhide chews. 

They are a great Single Ingredient, Low Fat, Very Nutritious, Gum Massaging, Tooth Cleaning, Mind Occupying, Time Wasting, Distracting treat that any dog will go nuts over.  Brilliant for a bored, mischievous puppy, any dog that needs to chew or just as a good dog treat.

Great for most life stages and Breed types. (Not Recommended for Giant Breed puppies under 6 Months of age or Baby puppies that do not have their adult teeth yet). 
Bull-Its 3 PackBull-Its 3 Pack
Bull-Its 6 PackBull-Its 6 Pack
Bull-Its 45cm/18inBull-Its 45cm/18in
                  10 sticks per bag - 6 flavours

Our treats are DEHYDRATED not baked. 

Our Snacx are a Dehydrated Meat and Fruit Treat containing NO GRAINS 
OR PRESERVATIVES. We do use Psyllium

They consist of ONLY 3-4 INGREDIENTS, Green Lamb/Goat Tripe, Fresh Fruit, a secondary Protein (Chicken and Sardine Only) and Psyllium.  
They are all packaged in sealed, resealable gusset bags.

Dogs of all Life Stages and Breeds will go crazy for these Tasty Treats.