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Fernie's Dehydrated Treats


All grown up
Natural Dog Treats

Natural Dog Treats

  Treat Shack

Our products are all manufactured right here in Ontario with Ontario grown ingredients. All of our Meat Products are sourced through Government Inspected, Human Grade, Ontario Meat Packers, from Naturally Fed Antibiotic and Hormone Free Stock.

We use only the Best Human Quality Meat Products, Fish and/or Fresh Fruit to ensure the High Quality, End Product that you deserve for your pet.

As close to raw as we can get. Each protein requires its own dehydration cycle to maintain optimum product quality. It
is dehydrated at varying temperatures to retain 90% of its nutritional properties.

Tripe is the only product from Beef and Lamb that contains 100% of the nutrients required to maintain the good health of your pet. Dehydrated tripe makes an Extremely Nutritious, Delicious and Fat Free Treat.
The process we use to Dehydrate the Tripe also eliminates much of the Tripe smell. 

We hope your visit to our website is an enjoyable experience

Products List

Products List

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Bull ItsBull Its
Single ingredient Dehydrated Bully sticks in 2 sizes.  Multi pack and individually wrapped.
Dehydrated Meat and Fruit Treats.
  only 3  ingredients,  6  flavours. Packaged 10  to a Bag.
Tid BitzTid Bitz
Only one ingredient,    4  flavours  very smelly. The Dogs Choice. Packaged 75g per  Bag.
Single ingredient, amazingly nutritious, Dehydrated Green Tripe. Packaged in 75g Bags.