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Fernie's Dehydrated Treats
Fernie the puppy

Fernie the puppy

I was a bundle of love, cuddles and mischief


All grown up
Natural Dog Treats

Natural Dog Treats

  Treat Shack

Fernies Treat Shack products are all manufactured right here in Ontario with Ontario grown ingredients. All of our raw products are sourced through Government Inspected, Human Grade, Ontario Meat Packers, from Naturally Fed Antibiotic and Hormone Free Stock.

Fernies Treat Shack uses only the Best Human Grade Meat Products, Fish, and Fresh Fruit to ensure a High Quality End Product that you deserve for your pet.

As close to raw as we can get. Each protein requires its own dehydration cycle to maintain optimum product quality.
It is dehydrated at varying temperatures that retains up to 95% of its nutritional properties.

Tripe is the only product from a Ruminant (a cud chewing animal) that contains 100% of the nutrients required to maintain the good health of your pet. Dehydrated tripe makes an Extremely Nutritious, Delicious and Fat Free Treat.
The process we use to Dehydrate the Tripe also eliminates much of the Tripe smell. 

Psyllium  as well as being a great source of fibre is a fantastic binder.  It is used to bind, not to add volume or weigh so cannot be used as a filler.  

Psyllium prevents moisture loss in the natural state.  It can absorb 10 x it's measure in moisture that turns it into a jelly like substance, which in turn fills in the space left by the moisture that has been absorbed. The gelified Psyllium surrounds and clings to particles thus becoming the binder.

Flavourings are achieved through the use of Fresh and Dried Fruits, Sardines and Chicken Hearts.

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These Treats are the stinkest on the Market.
They are made with the dogs in mind not the people. We don't use any chemical treatments
to eliminate odors.

Let your fingers do the walking and the dogs do the talking.