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Fernie's Story
The Lookout

The Lookout

Fern at the Beach, Mahone Bay Nova Scotia
How we got started...

Quite some years ago, a Newfoundland puppy was born in the middle of the United States.  When she was just 3 months old she was purchased by a family from Canada who arranged to go and pick her up from the breeder.
While down in the States, they also met an older puppy Hazel, who was 13 months old. 
After spending some time in the United States with their new puppies the family brought them  home ... back here to Canada.

They called the baby puppy Fern and as time went on she became nicknamed Fernie.

Fern was the blackest, most beautiful, bubbly, mischevious wee bundle of joy, until she became sick, really sick.
Fernie was taken off all her food and treats.  She started to get better in a few days so cautiously she was put back on her food ... she was fine!  She was doing really well until she was given some treats and within 24 hours she started becoming sick again.
Fern's new Mum decided to throw away all  her treats and vowed that Fern would never again eat anything with ingredients they couldn't pronounce.
Her Mum started baking her treats, while her Dad started dehydrating different things for her, until she became the most spoiled, well fed and healthy dog there ever was.

Fern loved the show ring and become a Canadian Champion.  She loved to swim in her pool, going to the park and walking along the waterfront saying hi to all the people and other dogs she met on-long the way.  She enjoyed camping, traveling, LOVED their Van (it was her second home), holidays at the beach and carting. 

Fern and Hazel were big, black, beautiful Newfoundland Dogs that had the very best life can offer. They grew up to lead very happy, spoiled lives.  Today, both Hazel and Fernie have crossed over the rainbow Bridge  ......  Rest in Peace Fernie and Hazel.

It is in their memory that we continue to make Dehydrated Treats today,  so that your dog too can enjoy the very best 100% natural, all Canadian Dehydrated Treats.
Fern and Hazel

Fern and Hazel

Best Friends Forever