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Tid Bitz

Tid Bitz

Tid Bitz
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Tid Bitz are a selection of treats that Silver Fern Premium Pet Products has developed according to a dogs natural instincts.  Some of the ingredients used are less conventional than most companies ingredients but the Dogs will go crazy for them.    "Ask the Dogs"

Our Tid Bitz Treats are packaged in sealed, resealable gusset bags at 75g per bag.  They make a good treat anytime, anywhere. 

We have 6 flavours which are highly desirable and have their own distinctive flavours and smells. 

Beef Lung/Spleen = Slight Roast Coffee smell. 
Chicken Gizzards/Hearts = Chicken Hearts smell.  
Chicken Strips (Chicken Breast) = Roast Chicken smell.
Lamb Liver/Lung/Spleen = Lambs Fry smell. 
Chestnuts (Lamb/Goat Testicles) =  Super Stinky -  Dogs go crazy for these.
Tripe (Lamb and Goat Stomach Lining) = Stinky - Dogs love it - Great training treat